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Care Bear Plush

The Care BearsTM Collectible Plush come in a soft huggable material, ready for unlimited bear hugs! Collect them all and bring them on your adventures of sharing and caring!


♥♥ Leah

This soft stuffed unicorn is called Leah. We can have a pale pink or a white Leah, we can have a small or a big Leah, but in all cases, its hair will be sprinkled by glittery hearts, and it will have been fabricated in Canada!


♥♥ Glitter and Star Black Dragon Plush

This dragon plush, unicorns' protector and best friend, is recovered by shiny stars, its belly is made of reversible sequins, and it is available in many sizes and colors!


Maggie the Unicorn

You will also fall under the spell of the beautiful Maggie! With her silver polka dots, multicolored and glittering wings and hooves, Maggie is simply irresistible!


Tokidoki Plush Marsha 7.5"

Marsha is a pastel themed Unicorno with multicolored hearts embroidered on its side.
7.5 inches in size. High quality materials make for a soft, smooth touch. Based on the original Tokidoki character designs. Based on the original Tokidoki characters des


Stella Little starry unicorn plush animal

Cute and cuddly unicorn plush, Features sparkling stars and shiny horns and feet. Pretty embroidered eyes, Super soft polyester plush!


♥♥ Mia

Mia is a plush that can be pink, mauve or yellow, small or tall, and she's always soft, conforting, and fabricated by a local company!


Coloring book and activities

Each book is filled with drawing, coloring and activities to help your brain exercise while having fun


Pink Mermaid Plush

Angela is a mermaid with blonde hair, gorgeous shimmery pink tail ,outfit and crown, and has big beautiful blue eyes. 10 inches in size. High quality materials make for a soft and fluffy touch. Bean filled to ensure stability.


♥♥ Kiki Lamacorne plush animal

How to resist these adorable lamacorn plushies?! These winged lamas with a rainbow unicorn horn are strewn with shiny stars and available in 3 colors.


Lilou the fluffy unicorn

Lilou is the big star of the Unicorn world with her incredible sweetness, she will charm you like no other unicorn could. His flamboyant colors will make your eyes and heart shine.


PomPals plushie 4,5"

This adorable Pink Unicorn Pom Pal is the perfect tiny toy! 4.5 inches in size. Covered in pink fur and detailed with glittered eyes! Made from polyester material and partially filled with plastic pellets for posing purposes.


Anne Stokes and Dragon 1000 Piece Puzzle

Made with high quality materials, this puzzle will amuse the whole family!


500 piece puzzle

Beautiful high quality jigsaw puzzle with motive Sunset Unicorns, consisting of 500 pieces.


Dahlia the Dragon Plush

This cute dragon comes with sparkling wings and an elegant design! 12 inches tall. High quality materials make for a soft touch. Sparkling fabrics shine brightly!


Tornado the Unicorn Plush 12"

Tornado has a white body, silver horn and hooves detail, and red and pink mane.


Molly the fluffy unicorn

Unicorn fluffy sitting rainbow paws 12". One of our funniest unicorns, she always manages to put a smile on our face and help us spend the best days.

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