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♥♥ Origami

Locally-assembled, these pretty unicorns and dragons offer the joy of building up a piece of decoration by yourself. This creation activity is offered with a variety of models and different levels of easiness. The result is a durable decoration that remin


Dinosaur Pen

A dinosaur pen, made of quality and durable materials, with a nice texture for the one who holds it. Choose your style in the drop-down menu


♥♥ Unicorn Candle

In the world of candles, this soja candle will exceed your expectations! Not only does it burn for more than 60 hours, its smell is so sweet and conforting for a perfectly relaxing moment


Unicorn Stickers Pack

Cette jolie sélection de 50 autocollants à thématique licorne promet de colorer vos vies. La grande quantité et l'emballage compact permettent de faire durer le plaisir.


Rainbow Heat-sensitive Unicorn Cup

This wonderful heat-sensitive unicorn cup will change color when used with hot liquid. The purple mane of the unicorn will turn into a rainbow mane as it warms up!


Cosmic Unicorn Lighter

Two choices of unicornesque and cosmic lighters, to light up your candles or magical incense with a cute unicorn. Choose your favorite color in the box right from the picture.


♥♥ Unicornery Soy Candle

These comforting and sweet soy candles are hand-poured in an adorable and reusable metal tin. We love the glitters in the wax and the fresh fragrances!


Cat-Unicorn Lucky Charm Maneki-Neko

This little cat-unicorn is inspired by the japanese Maneki-Neko, waves its paw as an invitation.


Iridescent Unicorn Mug

La plus belle des tasses!Cette tasse grand format est parfaite pour les lattés du dimanche matin, ou pour rendre vos collègues de bureau jaloux.


Rounded cup, rainbow cove

This large unicorn-like cup will put a smile on your face every morning.


Reversible metal plate

Reversible metal plate 25cm x 33cm Even unicorns should go to bed

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