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Wall light

Light up the night with this unicorn night lamp! Easy to install, it functions with batteries.


♥♥ Perfumed Spray

Unicorn essences are a collection of mist and essential oils entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec. Their soft fragrances can be used on the body, in the ambient air or on clothes.


♥♥ Origami

Locally made, these pretty unicorns and dragons offer the joy of making your own decorative piece. This creative activity is offered with several models and several levels of ease. Produced from here!


Wall Sticker

Vinyl wall sticker. Different models available.


Unicorn Infuser

A small unicorn-shaped silicone tea infuser with a mane and a rainbow tail.


Resin Jewel Box

This small box will be ideal for storing your jewelry or hiding your secrets.


Rainbow and Glitter Christmas Stocking

A festive addition to your Christmas decorations and fireplace mantel! With glittering details on the front.


Rainbow Heat-sensitive Unicorn Cup

This wonderful heat-sensitive unicorn cup will change color when used with hot liquid. The purple mane of the unicorn will turn into a rainbow mane as it warms up!


'Pride' Soy Candles

A Pride-themed soy candle collection. Made in Canada, there is certainly a fragrance that will please your inner unicorn


Incense Sticks, Twelve Fragrances!

Twelve choices of incenses sticks with magical, soothing fragrances. Make sure you select your favorite fragrance in the box right from the picture


Silver and Unicornesque Incense Burner

The Unicorn Geode Incense Burner is a sparkling, magical and whimsical burner. This burner is sure to turn heads and set the mood with your favorite scent!


Iridescent Unicorn Mug

The most beautiful of cups! This oversized mug is perfect for Sunday morning lattes, or to make your office mates jealous.


Light-up Bank

Saving is bright! Start the good habits when unicorns are young with this cute little bank.


Cosmic Unicorn Lighter

Two choices of unicornesque and cosmic lighters, to light up your candles or magical incense with a cute unicorn. Choose your favorite color in the box right from the picture.


Thermos cup with lid unicorn on rainbow

Thermos vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold, keeps liquids hot for 5 hours and cold for 9 hours.

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