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♥♥ Leah

This soft stuffed unicorn is called Leah. We can have a pale pink or a white Leah, we can have a small or a big Leah, but in all cases, its hair will be sprinkled by glittery hearts, and it will have been fabricated in Canada!


♥♥ Glitter and Star Black Dragon Plush

This dragon plush, unicorns' protector and best friend, is recovered by shiny stars, its belly is made of reversible sequins, and it is available in many sizes and colors!


♥♥ Mini Big Book

This collection of novels is perfect for fine-tuning the learning of reading! Each title contains 350 pages, it's a real first novel! Fortunately, the words are written in large, and there are images on almost every page.


♥♥ Kiki Lamacorne plush animal

How to resist these adorable lamacorn plushies?! These winged lamas with a rainbow unicorn horn are strewn with shiny stars and available in 3 colors.


♥♥ Mia

Mia is a plush that can be pink, mauve or yellow, small or tall, and she's always soft, conforting, and fabricated by a local company!


Rainbow Sorbet Unicorn

This 10.5" plush is made of one of the softest materials!


Stella Little starry unicorn plush animal

Cute and cuddly unicorn plush, Features sparkling stars and shiny horns and feet. Pretty embroidered eyes, Super soft polyester plush!


Unicorn Light Up Yo-Yo

A colorful, bright and detachable unicorn yoyo to do tricks!


Kevin la Licorne: Ce N'est Pas Rose Tous Les Jours Book in French

Everyone knows unicorns are PERFECT. They are glamorous, glittery, happy creatures that bring sparkle to the world. But Kevin's day is just not going well . . . he wakes up not only on the wrong side of the bed — but on the floor! Even his Super-Perfect-H


Kissy the Cat-Unicorn

Kissy is so cozy! With its beautiful pastel coat and golden paws, it will please everyone!


Lilou the fluffy unicorn

Lilou is the big star of the Unicorn world with her incredible sweetness, she will charm you like no other unicorn could. His flamboyant colors will make your eyes and heart shine.


♥♥ Sophie Delorme: experte en licorne Book

Illustrated book of 32 pages for children. Completely illustrated and contains one to two sentences to encourage young readers. The illustrations are very colorful and playful.


Booklet With 36 Magical and Unicornesque Mandalas DIY

These 36 mandalas, printed on artist-quality papier, are easily detachable to be displayed anywhere! Unicorns everywhere!


Unicorn Plush and Rainbow Glitters Backpack

This unicorn is a cute little backpack, covered with plush and rainbow glitters.


Tokidoki Plush Quartzy 7.5"

Quartzy is a pink gem themed Unicornos with gem triangles embroidered on its side.
7.5 inches in size. High quality materials make for a soft, smooth touch. Based on the original Tokidoki character designs.

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