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Pop-it Fidget

The infinite satisfaction of popping bubbles! Lots of kids (and adults!) use it to reduce anxiety or simply to keep their hands busy.


♥♥ Glitter and Star Black Dragon Plush

This dragon plush, unicorns' protector and best friend, is recovered by shiny stars, its belly is made of reversible sequins, and it is available in many sizes and colors!


♥♥ Leah

This soft stuffed unicorn is called Leah. We can have a pale pink or a white Leah, we can have a small or a big Leah, but in all cases, its hair will be sprinkled by glittery hearts, and it will have been fabricated in Canada!


Stuffed Unicorn that becomes a pillow

This adorable plush turns into a pillow! With a small zipper, very resistant and solid, you can turn this unicorn plush into a nice little pink and soft pillow.


♥♥ Mia

Mia is a plush that can be pink, mauve or yellow, small or tall, and she's always soft, conforting, and fabricated by a local company!


Lovable Scented Unicorn Octopus

A small scented unicorn-octopus, with a diameter of about 4", with 4 choices of perfumes and colors.


Rainbow Sorbet Unicorn

This 10.5" plush is made of one of the softest materials!


Licornes et compagnie : Tes amies les licornes Book

La collection «Mes autocollants amusants» te propose des activitéssimples et divertissantes. Les autocollants repositionnablesse prêtent à de multiples usages. Après avoir complété tousles jeux de l'album, tu peux donc créer ta propre histoireen réutilisa


♥♥ Histoires à lire avec papa et maman - Fées et licornes Book

Un livre pour tous les enfants, plein d'histoires d'animaux à écouter blotti dans les bras de ses parents!Ce petit livre de 24 pages contient trois petites histoires, toutes illustrées avec des personnages ludiques et colorés. Parfait pour une initiation


Unicorn Plush and Rainbow Glitters Backpack

This unicorn is a cute little backpack, covered with plush and rainbow glitters.


♥♥ Sophie Delorme: experte en licorne Book

Livre illustré de 32pages pour enfants. Chaque page est complètement illustrée et contient de une à deux phrases pour encourager les jeunes lecteurs.Les illustrations sont très colorées et ludiques.By Morag Hood & Ella Okstad


Licornes et Dragons game/frame

You will no longer need to look for storage for games as they now cling to the wall, a game and wall decoration, a perfect 2 in 1! On the front, a game of snakes and ladders with the effigy of unicorns and on the back, a beautiful canvas to display!An id


♥♥ Kiki Lamacorne plush animal

How to resist these adorable lamacorn plushies?! These winged lamas with a rainbow unicorn horn are strewn with shiny stars and available in 3 colors.


Lilou the fluffy unicorn

Lilou is the big star of the Unicorn world with her incredible sweetness, she will charm you like no other unicorn could. His flamboyant colors will make your eyes and heart shine.

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