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♥♥ Glitter and Star Black Dragon Plush

This dragon plush, unicorns' protector and best friend, is recovered by shiny stars, its belly is made of reversible sequins, and it is available in many sizes and colors!


Care Bear Plush

The Care BearsTM Collectible Plush come in a soft huggable material, ready for unlimited bear hugs! Collect them all and bring them on your adventures of sharing and caring!


♥♥ Leah

This soft stuffed unicorn is called Leah. We can have a pale pink or a white Leah, we can have a small or a big Leah, but in all cases, its hair will be sprinkled by glittery hearts, and it will have been fabricated in Canada!


Colorable Unicorn Plush With 6 pencils

Decorate and customize your very own new best friend! Just wash it to play again! 5 markers included.


Plush Baby Blanket

Designed with knotted arms and legs to make it easy for little hands to grip and have delicate touches of tulle and velvet. 100% polyester. Machine wash and air dry.


Unicorn Colouring and Games Book

Coded coloring, drawings to complete, labyrinths, difference games, graphics, counting games, connecting dots ... To have fun for hours!


Unicorn Bubbles Blower

Unicorns love bubbles! This toy lets you make thousand of bubbles easily and fastly, with a simple finger movement!


Tokidoki Plush Marsha 7.5"

Marsha is a pastel themed Unicorno with multicolored hearts embroidered on its side.
7.5 inches in size. High quality materials make for a soft, smooth touch. Based on the original Tokidoki character designs. Based on the original Tokidoki characters des


Unicorn hand puppet

Soft, rubber-like and latex free hand puppet in the form of a unicorn head with rainbow mane. approximately 6 inches in size. One size fit most. Latex-free. Super stretchy.


Licornes et Dragons game/frame

You will no longer need to look for storage for games as they now cling to the wall, a game and wall decoration, a perfect 2 in 1! On the front, a game of snakes and ladders with the effigy of unicorns and on the back, a beautiful canvas to display!An id


Happy Unicorn Plastic Ball

A simple toy that will provide hours of fun regardless of the weather, kids will have fun throwing it with friends, playing a soccer mini-game, learning to juggle or kicking them!


Blanket and Teething Toy

Teething is not always easy, even for unicorns! Accompanied by a conforting little baby blanket, this unicorn teething toy is the ideal gift for a newborn unicorn


Hello Kitty unicorn plush with skirt

Hello Kitty becomes a magical unicorn in her pretty rainbow spandex!


7 Unicorn Stories Book

7 Unicorn Stories Book in FrenchSept histoires à lire chaque soir, du lundi au dimanche, pour s'amuser et découvrir le monde magique des licornes : la forêt interdite, la maison invisible, l'institut de beauté, la licorne écolo, l'hôpital, le jardin secre


Kevin la Licorne: Ce N'est Pas Rose Tous Les Jours Book in French

Today, nothing is going for Kevin. he tries hard to keep smiling, but ... after all, even among unicorns, life isn't always perfect. By Jessika Von Innerebner.


Toutou CS Petite licorne

Petit toutou licorne, disponible en blanc, rose et mauve, environ 10cm de haut

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