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♥♥ Colorful Hot Chocolate Mix

Wow, a hot chocolat mix that becomes colorful when prepared! We can also use it in a milkshake, in a pancake mix, or directly with a spoon! Select your favorite flavor in the box right of the picture.


♥♥ Unicorn Syrups with Edible Glitters

Made with local fruits and edible glitter, the unicorn syrups are base syrups to flavor and decorate your mocktails, cocktails, sparkling water, or any other liquid that deserves to be shiny! Choose your favorite flavor in the box right of the picture.


♥♥ Set of Mug and Hot Chocolate Mix

Un ensemble de sa tasse et son chocolat chaud qui devient rose. Excellente idée pour faire plaisir ou se faire plaisir. À boire chaud ou froid selon ses envies !


♥♥ Discovery Set Unicorn Syrup

♥♥ Discovery Set Unicorn Syrup3 bottles : Sirop de Licorne, Licorne Rose , Licorne Émeraude


Sorbet Cotton Candy

What is soft to touch, delicious to taste and fabulous to look at? Our unicornesque Cotton Candy with a Rainbow Sorbet flavor is so delicious you will dream about it. For unicorns with a sweet tooth!


Unicorn Doo candy dispensor

Rotate the unicorn head to open and fill with the included candy beads, push down on the unicorns booty and enjoy the sweet and crunchy Doo.


Giant Tutti Frutti Unicorn Gummy

That giant gummy unicorn is almost too pretty to eat! 150g.