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♥♥ Handmade Bath Bomb with a Surprise

Handmade in the Magdalen Islands, this giant colored bath bomb includes a surprise in its center! The bomb will create an enormous rainbow in the water when you hold it at the surface, and will give a delicious fragrance!


Polished quartz necklace

You will feel much more complete and at peace when you have the Rainbow Quartz working alongside you in every situation.


Unicorn Necklace with Star in a Heart

Unicorn necklace with star in a heart. Gold or silver color.


Golden sparkling galloping unicorn necklace

Sparkling gold galloping unicorn necklace with gorgeous rainbow crystals


Silver Sparkling Galloping Unicorn Necklace

Your princess hasn't found her favorite necklace yet? Give her this one, she'll love it!


Set of 2 Best Friends necklaces

The set consist of 2 best friend necklace pieces adorned with unicorn charms. The beautiful necklace will put your friendship in the spotlight without a doubt.