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Sweet and comforting fragrances, most issued from canadian craftsmanship, to perfume your interior spaces like if you were a unicorn!

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♥♥ Essential Oil

♥♥ These essentials oils, entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec, offer sweet and soft fragrances, ideal for home.


Cosmic Unicorn Lighter

Two choices of unicornesque and cosmic lighters, to light up your candles or magical incense with a cute unicorn. Choose your favorite color in the box right from the picture.


Incense Sticks, Twelve Fragrances!

Twelve choices of incenses sticks with magical, soothing fragrances. Make sure you select your favorite fragrance in the box right from the picture


♥♥ Unicorn Candle

In the world of candles, this soja candle will exceed your expectations! Not only does it burn for more than 60 hours, its smell is so sweet and conforting for a perfectly relaxing moment


♥♥ Perfumed Spray

Unicorn essences are a collection of mist and essential oils entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec. Their soft fragrances can be used on the body, in the ambient air or on clothes.


Silver and Unicornesque Incense Burner

The Unicorn Geode Incense Burner is a sparkling, magical and whimsical burner. This burner is sure to turn heads and set the mood with your favorite scent!

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