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♥♥ Origami

Locally-assembled, these pretty unicorns and dragons offer the joy of building up a piece of decoration by yourself. This creation activity is offered with a variety of models and different levels of easiness. The result is a durable decoration that remin


Crayon efface

Ces gommes à effacer colorées sont parfaites pour l'étui à crayons à l'école ou à la maison. 


Razzle Dazzle Gem Art Kit

This razzle Dazzle DIY lit Gem Unicorn art kit lets you create sparkly gem enhanced artwork of a rainbow colored unicorn. This kit includes everything you need to create unique gem art including a white standing frame.


Rainbow Unicorn Pen

How to attract looks at school or at the office?


Booklet With 36 Magical and Unicornesque Mandalas DIY

These 36 mandalas, printed on artist-quality papier, are easily detachable to be displayed anywhere! Unicorns everywhere!


Livre à colorier CS

Un petit livre à colorier pour jeunes enfants.La couverture est en anglais, certaines pages contiennent du texte en anglais et en espagnol, une bonne occasion de développer les capacités linguistiques de l'enfant. Comporte 16 pages recto-verso (32 pages)


Unicorn agenda 2021-2022

A too cute and really practical agenda to slip in your bag and take everywhere! Schedule, subjects, teachers, results address book, planning... Everything is there to get organised.


Unicorn watercolor set

An ideal manual activity to introduce children to art by teaching them the mixture of colors, while stimulating the imagination and concentration.


Giant Rainbow Eraser

Love rainbows? Then the Rainbow Buddy Scented Jumbo Eraser is for you! A big eraser that will get the work done but look just as cute sitting on your desk.


Small Unicorn Notebook

Ces jolis petits calepins faciles à transporter vous permettent de garder vos notes avec vous en tout temps, et d'ajouter des couleurs dans vos journées. 


DIY Unicorn Painting Kit

A cute little kit for painting, including the canvas, the brush and the colours that will help you color a wonderful unicorn!


DIY Sequin Unicorn Set

Create a stunning picture with sparkling sequins.

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