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About 40% of our inventory is manufactured or assembled in Quebec.

Look for ♥ in the name of the products!
The ♥♥ in the name of the product indicates that it is made in Quebec.
The ♥ indicates that it is made in Canada.

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♥♥ Perfumed Spray

Unicorn essences are a collection of mist and essential oils entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec. Their soft fragrances can be used on the body, in the ambient air or on clothes.


♥♥ Unicornery Soy Candle

These comforting and sweet soy candles are hand-poured in an adorable and reusable metal tin. We love the glitters in the wax and the fresh fragrances!


♥♥ Rainbow Handmade Items La Licornerie Collection

Cette collection exclusive à la Licornerie est parfaite pour la maison!


♥ Pillowcase to paint-on

Dessinée à la main en Nouvelle-Écosse, cette taie d'oreiller vous permet de laisser aller votre créativité tout en gardant un souvenir d'une belle activité qui promet de faire les plus beaux rêves.


♥♥ Unicorn Candle

In the world of candles, this soja candle will exceed your expectations! Not only does it burn for more than 60 hours, its smell is so sweet and conforting for a perfectly relaxing moment