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About 40% of our inventory is manufactured or assembled in Quebec.

Look for ♥ in the name of the products!
The ♥♥ in the name of the product indicates that it is made in Quebec.
The ♥ indicates that it is made in Canada.

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Rainbow Unicorn Beanie

Rainbow Unicorn Beanie, cute, warm and comfy!


100 piece flying Unicorn Puzzle

Once completed, have fun finding the 10 differences hidden in the image of your puzzle! An art print signed by the artist in included. Made in Quebec.


Dice and unicorn pawns

Pawns and unicorns, ideal for playing our UNICORNS AND DRAGONS game!


♥♥ Rainbow Pencil case or makeup

♥♥ Rainbow Pencil case or makeup. Handmade


♥♥ Fabric bookmark

♥♥ Fabric bookmark, hand made in Quebec


♥♥Dinosaur lunchbox with hot chocolate

Dinosaur lunchbox with hot chocolate. Makes 4-6 servings, just add hot water or hot milk.


♥♥Unicorn hot chocolate cup with marshmallows

Unicorn gift cup filled with white hot chocolate that turns pink when prepared. Each is filled with a matching pouch of our finest hot chocolate blend and is topped with a dome filled with dehydrated mini marshmallows.


♥♥ Kiki Lamacorne plush animal

How to resist these adorable lamacorn plushies?! These winged lamas with a rainbow unicorn horn are strewn with shiny stars and available in 3 colors.


Thelma la Licorne Book

Thelma is an ordinary pony who dreams of being a unicorn. And through a little bit of chance, and a strange dash of pink glitter-coloured fate, her dream comes true! Suddenly Thelma is transformed into a unicorn and becomes an international sensation.


♥♥ Mini Big Book

This collection of novels is perfect for fine-tuning the learning of reading! Each title contains 350 pages, it's a real first novel! Fortunately, the words are written in large, and there are images on almost every page.


♥♥ Comic Book

De grandes pages ultra colorées et douces, une histoire inspirante, cette bande dessinée va ravir les petites licornes qui aiment la lecture. Le tout est créé et imprimé au Québec!

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