Inclusive Pride

Celebrate your unique personality with these Pride-themed products

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Rainbow entrance mat

No matter what the weather is outside, this rainbow doormat will always greet you with joy and good humor when you retourn home!


Inclusive Pride Flag

The flag includes black and brown stripes to represent marginalized LGBT communities of color, along with the colors pink, light blue and white, which are used on the Transgender Pride Flag. If you stand for equality, this flag is a way for you to show it


♥♥ Pin 1.75''

♥♥ Nothing better to show off your colors than to do it with a pin badge! 1,75 inch.


'Pride' Soy Candles

A Pride-themed soy candle collection. Made in Canada, there is certainly a fragrance that will please your inner unicorn


Vertical Strip Rainbow Giftbag

Bring the rainbow to the party with this colourful gift bag!


Rainbow Unicorn Beanie

Rainbow Unicorn Beanie, cute, warm and comfy!


Pride Rainbow Flag Cape 36" x 57"

Perfect for parades or festivals! This fun, brightly colored rainbow striped cape has sleeves attached to the top of the cape for easy wear.

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