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♥♥ Unicorn Body and Ambiant Spray

These fresh sprays were handcrafted in the Magdelen Islands, using the sweetest and uniques fragrances. They are truly conforting!


♥♥ Handmade Bath Bomb with a Surprise

Handmade in the Magdalen Islands, this giant colored bath bomb includes a surprise in its center! The bomb will create an enormous rainbow in the water when you hold it at the surface, and will give a delicious fragrance!


♥♥ Unicornery Soy Candle

These comforting and sweet soy candles are hand-poured in an adorable and reusable metal tin. We love the glitters in the wax and the fresh fragrances!


♥♥ Bombe de bain crémage

<p>Prendre son bain comme une licorne!</p><p>Ces jolies bombes de bain coiffée d'une fausse garniture gourmande promettent des bains magiques. Elles sont faites à la main aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine dans une savonnerie artisanale. </p><p>La corne est en plas


♥♥ Unicorn Candle

In the world of candles, this soja candle will exceed your expectations! Not only does it burn for more than 60 hours, its smell is so sweet and conforting for a perfectly relaxing moment


♥♥ Bombe de bain avec pendentif licorne 210g arc-en-ciel

Bombe de bain faite à la main avec un pendentif de licorne à l'intérieur.