Artisanal soap workshop in the Magdelen Islands, QC

Founded by Ariane C Arsenault, a childhood friend of the Licornerie founder, this little soap and corporal products shop is established since 2003. Since 2019, Ariane has help us create more than 30 products specifically for La Licornerie. Soaps, bath bombs, perfumed sprays and others are made based on ingredients chosen for their quality and compatibility with more sensitive skins. Because they are made in very small batches, in a location known for its touristical season that more than double the local population, all these products are available in limited quantities and can be renewed only a few times each year. 

La Fille de la Mer











Pride Accessories

Celebrate your personality with these LGBTQ+ themed articles or color your life with these rainbow accessories. Not only is the unicorn used as a symbol in certain groups, all the founders, owners and a majority of our team members are part of LGBTQ+ groups. These rainbow fashion or decoration accessories, pins are for anyone identifying with these colors, or simply anyone who likes rainbows. 

Fierté inclusive


The cutest bears will always be welcomed in the kingdom of unicorns

Care Bears