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Unicorn Tears Candy

It rarely happens, but when unicorns cry, their tears transform in soft tropical flavored candies. Their gummy texture is so conforting!


Unicorn jewelry box

Sophisticated unicorn jewelry box with sequins


Unicorn Case

This pretty make up or travel case is available in three unicornesque styles for small and taller unicorns!


Unicorn Donut Squishy

These pretty unicornesque squishy are shaped like a pink or white donut. They are comforting to crush between your fingers, they take back their original shape very rapidly!


Ouija Earrings

Unicorns can communicate with spirits thanks to their ears! Inspired from Ouija boards, these fabulous heart-shaped earrings are available in two models Rainbow (Arc-en-Ciel) or Black (Noir). Perfect to show your paranormal side!


White Pearl Unicorn Earrings

These pretty earrings are composed of a sparkling pearl crowned by a silver unicorn horn. Their small size makes them discreet for small and taller unicorns!


Unicorn Bubbles Blower

Unicorns love bubbles! This toy lets you make thousand of bubbles easily and fastly, with a simple finger movement!

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